Visiting the United States: Top Spots in Georgia and South Carolina

Visiting the United States: Top Spots in Georgia and South Carolina
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The girls and I took our first girls trip visiting the United States this summer. I was really nervous about traveling alone with 3 girls under the age of 10 years without my husband. But, to my surprise it was an amazing experience despite few hiccups along the trip.

Such as tantrums infused with jet lag.

But I am so relieved that I tried traveling alone with them and would definitely do it again.

Our first stop was Tyrone Georgia. As we were visiting the United States during July, the girls experienced their first 4th of July celebrations by attending the street parade. Afterward we participated in a backyard barbecue and games with friends and family.

Apart from the girls July 4th experience, we had few more peak moments such as visiting  the starlite family fun center.

The center offers different types of activities such as laser tag, soft playground, kids casino and skating amongst few more services.

My girls enjoy skating so they spent most of their time skating. Even though my youngest was not able to skate on her own, I was able to rent a skate mate to support her whilst she skate.

The atmosphere there is quite family friendly so that was a plus too.

Outdoor Time

The next hit on the list was Callaway gardens.

The garden is a-m-a-z-i-n-g but my girls preferred the beach so partaking in the other activities wasn’t possible. To be honest it was kind of a sad moment for us on our visit to the garden that day, because just before leaving for the garden we received news that my father-in-law was on life support.

So exploring the entire garden was not really on my bucket list that day.

The next day we visited lime creek in Tyrone and the girls loved it so much.

One can take a tour around the river, feed the ducks or enjoy a picnic under the cozy eating area.

Lime Creek reminded me so much of the rivers back home in Jamaica. The girls and I really enjoyed our short visit and enjoyed exploring its  surroundings.

One could also swim in the river but seeing that it was a spontaneous visit the girls did not get to swim. We were able to wet our toes though.


I fell in love with the little free library that was at the entrance of  lime creek.

One could actually take a book to read and return a next book for someone else to read..

My 6 years old fell in love with one of the books. BUT she was not happy with the fact that she was not allowed to take it with her. So her attitude was higher than the degrees we were experiencing that day.

We also visited the shamrock park where the girls started off the day by feeding the turtles and then hanging around the playground.

They had a blast with the slide and were so amused with the fact that slide was shaped like the letter ‘S’.

The same day we visited the Town of Tyrone public library. It’s actually only an 8 minute walk from the park and playground.

The theme at the library that day was “R o c k music“

So everyone that visited the library that day were able to listen to few of Elvis Presley’s top hits.


The girls enjoyed a bit of colouring after which they did a little tour around the library. However, that did not go very far because they fell in love with a little puppet house.

Amidst all the adventures fast food was a must and our eating spots were the Pizza Hut which is located at the target store in Tyrone and also Chick-fil-a.

Chick-fil-a visits were mostly for their milk shake and their indoor playground.

Overall we had an amazing time in Tyrone Georgia.

We also visited Columbia in South Carolina but we did not do a lot during our visit because the news came that the girls lost their grand-dad. That came as a shock.

Learning that my father-in-law passed as we were visiting the United States definitely dampened the mood. Plus the weather was so hot, the girls spent most days by the swimming pool.

How was your SUMMER Holiday?

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