The Foodnista 

The Foodnista 
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Apart from spending time in Mummiville , my second place is kitchenville, admittedly I don’t spend as much time there as I should but whenever I do its always worth it.

To me food is just like fashion and everyone knows to be the best designer comes with being creative ….even though not everyone will go gaga or yass yass for your creation but all designers has their perfect clients, also one has to keep in mind that some will like to wear what they design and few wont even get un-dress to try their design, that don’t stop the designer’s creation at all….

A perfect example is sir Kanye West alot of people thinks his clothes is not something they would wear but He still does his creation, gets his model and send them down the runway and then the clients that thinks his creation is an acquired taste bought his stuff.

Luckily am just a foodnista next door and am the only one that “tut tut” my horn… So Gordon Ramsey wont ever need to yell at me.

My foodnista opinion  is “some will like to taste it, some wont so what WHO’s next”!

Currently am on a break from meat no medical reason just my personal choice.I’ve been doing this ever since I can remember.

So a year without meat is pretty normal for me.

I am also a very picky eater but hey am a foodnista so being picky should be normal! am sure all fashion designers are picky or very peculiar with what they send down the runway .

So seeing that am just eating fish and vegetables at the moment being bored and having no appetit is something I tried very hard to avoid.

With that said, the other day I’d decided that I will play around with few food items that I had in my kitchen.

Besides the kiddies were in School and Pre-School so Mummiville was which makes concentrating comes easily.

The first food items that I choose to be creative with in kitchenville was …..

A canned Gungo Peas, this is something I would normally eat in Jamaica with Rice on Sundays for Dinner.

The second on my list was Tofu, few of my girlfriends hates the taste of Tofu but give more that is all I can say!

Third on my list was canned corn or majs in Danish…Give me and my kiddies some loose corns or corn on the cob anyday and we are officially your besties…

The fourth item on my list was whole wheat couscous or fuldkorns couscous

Couscous has always been my substitute for rice for the past few months but as I mentioned before am very picky at times and what my taste buds requires the  taste buds gets.

Next on my list was baked beans in tomato sauce or hvide bønner i tomatsauce.

Baked Beans has always been one of my favourite and especially if you are huge English Breakfast fan or not baked beans is what makes English Breakfast perfect!

The next item was coconut milk powder or in arabic chaokoh.

Coconut milk powder is what we would use in Jamaica to prepare our Rice and Peas, whenever we are lazy to blend or grate the dried coconut!

The last main item in kitchenville was brown mushroom

Mushroom is just one of my  vegetables that I fell in love with especially the brown ones.

The listed items were my main ingredients along with my Jamaican all purpose seasoning, onion, pepper, thyme, olive oil, black pepper, salt, garlic eskellion and a pince of ginger.

I’ve never been the just add black pepper and salt kind of foodnista, in my foodnista world alot of spice makes the tongue swirls!

Plus variety is the Spice of life!

Just like in fashion this minute you can be in and hot and the next minute you are not!

With food its the same! So being creative and staying creative is always best for this foodnista!

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