The Bazarvest

The Bazarvest
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If you have never visited Denmark or plan on visiting one thing you should keep in mind is that the weather  here is very undecisive like it can be raining like “cats and dogs” for an hour and like the next hour it starts to snow and almost within that very same hour it’s Sunny …. am sure if you are living here you will agree?

For the past days, I had experinced all the Seasons in less than a week like literally winter, autum, summer and spring .. So thank goodness for my car where I kept extra layers of clothing for whichever Season meets me on my journey.

The other Day we were  lucky to have a pocket of of sunshine and low and behold the day after it started to rain and the worst part is that I was just boosting up my energy and starting to get comfortable with the winter Sun!

Not to mention, my body was just getting used to the the Vitamin D.

So to be honest coping with the rain and being stucked inside was not something I planned on doing and neither was playing outside in the rain.

Instead I planned to visit Århus which is European  Capital of culture in 2017 and is  also the Silkeborg’s older sister.


Århus has always been one of my favourite place to visit whenever am feeling blue due to the Danish bipolar weather shenanigans.

In the Capital of Culture one can find a very popular farmer’s market the Bazar vest that is owned by most of the Middle East population

This place  I consider my life saver, Whenever I feel the need for some comfort 🥘 food!

The Bazarvest is definitely the place to go!

This place for me is like a child having a favourite toy or something and whenever that child started crying or started a tantum its just that one toy  the child need to be quiet!

Yes that’s how much am  120% and more in love with the Bazar! because am always lucky to find something that reminds me of my home land Jamaica!

Not only that Bazarvest is 18,000 m2 with more than 100 stores offering experiences for all their curious visitors and shopoholic like myself haha just sayin!

The Bazarvest stores has different  sections that contains all kinds of interesting services and stuffs to offer that one has to spend the entire day or more to explore.

There is just a wonderful sambaWest IndiesMiddle East and loads of other Cultures that is entwined at Bazar vest.

The Bazar is also popular for their   exoctic restaurants and the Turkish and Arabic bakeries as I was just on a almost 3 hours short visit the restaurants and bakeries has to be a next visit for this foodie

Not only that one can find more than 1,000 m2 fruit and the vegetables selections from the farmer’s market sections.

One can never get bored because there is always something for everyone and people to meet from across the globe!

The Butcher’s shop along with other Cafes, oriental merchants, and loads of other shops with interesting non-food products and services were also places I manager to glanced by but as am certain a next visit is on my list very soon!

Seeing that I was just on a short almost 3 hours visit I’ve decided that it would be lovely to start with few of my favourite places to shop for items to prepare my comfort food the first stop was at…,.

NAB’s fruits and vegetables which is located in the heart of Bazarvest with some exotic West Indies eye catching and tasteful fruits and vegetables that is ready to be purchased and devoured.

The staffs at NAB are always friendly and I must add is always ready to serve with a smile on their face..

One of my  favourite side in NAB’s fruits and vegetables market  is the dried fruits corner or in Danish tørret frugt like gimme gimme gimme more of dem tørret raisins, ginger,mangoes, papaya and more.

Ginger is alway a must purchased in bulk at NAB’s along  with fruits and chilli for me.

After leaving NAB’s fruits and vegetables shop the next stop was the coffee and cookies cafe!

Whenever I vists the CC (coffee and cookies)  Cafe  that’s When I’ve decided that monitoring my sugar has to happen a next day or two, like no body has time for that at the cookie shop.

All I know is that  my sweet tooth just keep asking me for more sugar.

But I had to disciplined dem tooth and make my other journey to the hair shop because my fro on my scalp has to keep moisturized in this Danish bipolar weather shenanigans aint no body have time for dried hair scalp, brittled and beat up hair edges.

The natural hair selections might not have all my favourite and most used natural hair products that am used to but as long as I find my Jamaican Castor Oil Me my edges and scalp is good to go.

After leaving the hair shop this little shopholic that therapy cant help! ended up in a next  corner shop that was not planned and admittedly I purchased  few stuff that was not on my shopping list but I could not help myself.

How could I, when I saw  my Jamaican Ackee! Like sticking to my shopping list was on the floor and that ackee in a canned was in my hand.

Am sure You’ve done that too right? Maybe not a canned Ackee but you understand.

Anyhow I did behave myself afterwards as I’ve visited few other stores without spending a dime.

After ward I made my way to the car as I whispered to myself see you soon Bazar vest ! My Middle East Family or in Arabic اراك قريبا

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