No not again!

No not again!
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No no no nooooooo not again my reaction to an e-mail that I received in my inbox from one of my daughter’s school ….

That reads…

Check your child hair for lice like OMG!

I really dreaded such emails!

Because it means I have to check all my three daughters hair.

Which is time consuming and I was told that “lice has a special thing for long hair” talk about lice being choosy as well!

So seeing that my girls are blessed with long hair .. I need not to go further with this conversation……

The last time I used the special lice comb in my daughters hair I was labeled a “hair torturer” by my oldest ……

Plus I have to contact other parents outside of my girls and friends that have been in contact with my girls … asking them to do a lice check just in case my girls has lice and gave it  to their child involuntarily.

In other words one has to send the lice gossip further….

Apart from being a lice gossiper I also have to change our bed sheets, pillow cases, cushions, teddy bears or any other objects that kids were in contact with ….must I also do the guest bedroom too?

So now I just won the laundry jackpot .

Then the thought of purchasing that lice shampoo that cost an arm and a leg…..and not mention I need three of those…..

All I can say is goodbye to one week or two of brunching with my bestie at my favorite cafe!

So now the Mamma lice exterminator has business to sort out!

The worst part is that the last time I spent an entire Saturday performing my “lice hunting skill” like a crazy Mamma  and the end product of locating a lice was zero percent and of course the girls were happy and by showing their appreciation I was serenaded with a “lice free dance performance” ​

Now the thought 💭 of repeating this procedure just makes me want to have a glass of my favorite white wine!

Whilst I try to locate zen to help me!

Hey by the way the name for lice in Danish is Lus!

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