My First Blessing Birthday

My First Blessing Birthday
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Happy birthday to my frist born .. this mixed blessing taught me about motherhood and the many Challenge that comes with being a Mom.

My very first taste of walking into motherhood was a Thursday 22nd October 2009, 22:00 pm and boy it was not really a Thursday I’d imagined…

I was induced 3 days before my due date because of her being larger than life 😂

I had pregnancy diabetes so she had to enter the world before the time she was supposed to.

To my surprised she was not ready to enter the world 🌎 so after being introduced and having loads of pains but it was not enough to get her out of me, the other option was an emergency c-section that frightened every hair on my body .. well the only hair I had was the one on my head the others were gone more like “Bye Felicia” 😆

Anyhow I remembered getting in that operation room very fast and then had to get an epidural that ended up being more than 12 sticks in my back because it’s was not easy to find that G-spot ain’t that G-spot haha 😂 but the one in the back for the epidural to work …

After numerous attempts the perfect G-spot was located I received that injection and it was time to bring her to the world but nope I had no idea how it felt that moment because all I remembered was screaming like I was giving birth naturally then I heard a nurse or doctor can’t really remember but it was a female that said ” o its as if she is giving birth naturally”

The reason that happened was because my body refuses the epidural and l could felt the cuts that was happening at my bikini 👙 line the next thing I remembered was me shouting that I can’t breath then my husband was asked to leave the emergency room …

I remembered my husband and some doctors came in a room to say congrats but I was not able to open dem eyes of mine because I was put to sleep by some special gas so they used to finish my operation and helped introduce my Angel to the world..

As a first time mom back then my bond with her came like a day after because she was placed in a baby department due to the fact that I had pregnancy diabetes and they had to examined her and ensure she was ok of course she was good to go.

I had no idea how to breastfed her but thank goodness for a nurse …

The nurse said “girl it ain’t that complicated just whip dem titties out and throw them in her mouth”

I did it and boy did my first born held on to dem titties” they were really some good anointed titty milk because she held them breast nipples in her mouth for almost 3 years.

I think she was like Mamma am tired of dem breast now it’s time to become a foodie but a picky one I might add.

I know the day she entered the world was not as I planned but for me it does not matter, what matters to me is that she came alive and well..

I know I did not get that first hello or even the opportunity to look her in the eyes as she was taken from my stomach but she paved the way for her siblings and I was blessed to get the opportunity and experienced what I’d missed out with her !

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