My Butterfly’s Birthday

My Butterfly’s Birthday
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Yesterday was an amazing day in the Larsen household….

It was my youngest Butterfly birthday, and she was celebrated at her new pre-School.

Thank God she was able to attend her own party because she was so ill few days leading up to her Birthday with coughing, fever and  runny nose “all thanks and praises to the big man up stairs” for hearing and answering my prayers about wanting her to get well!

My sleepless night and hard work before the party was not a toil in vain.

Wowser can’t even catch my breath as well! Like three years ago I gave birth on a Saturday at 11:00 am to be exact, at  Aarhus university hospital here in Denmark to an amazing daughter that never seems to stop putting a smile on my face with her cheekily jokes.

I know she is three years but one would think she is thirty years of age haha but hey I guess that’s how it is, when one has two older sisters?

The party setting was comfortable for everyone.

The  Danish traditional table cloth was placed on the of floor whilst everyone along with the birthday girl sat quietly and attentively.

Then they sang Happy Birthday to my little Butterfly  afterwards she unpacked her little gift!

Then after unwrapping her gift,  it was time for the goodies that included water melon, marshmallows, bread rolls and cake.

At my daughter’s Pre-School there is a limit regarding how much sweets one can take to their child’s birthday party .

So with that in mind I think the water melon was perfect along with the marshmallows, cake and the  bread rolls was an ideal choice.

The golden rule at my daughter’s pre-school is LESS SWEETS and more vegetables and fruits … because the children health are their wealth.

The birthday  girl was in charge of handing out the bread rolls to everyone.

The kids did enjoyed the fruits and rolls but the cake was what everyone wanted beacause there is always some hidden goodies in the cake.

The Cakeman or in my case the Cakelady is called  kagemand/KageKone in Danish and is used traditionally for children birthday parties. It is very popular at Pre-schools, Nursery, Schools.

Even though I’ve seen the cakeman/lady at few adult Birthday parties as well.

My girls adores the cakelady a lot but I only use it for their birthday parties from the age of one to four … because from the age five I normally break the cake tradition oops 🙊 and allow the girls to choose a cake of their own choice which is normally “HelloKitty” welll let’s see what my last butterfly chooses

At my daughter’s birthday party the Cakelady by all means was a classic for all the children and they never ever seem to get enough of it.

The decoration of the cake was full of different kinds of candies and long black candy hair with  mostly gummy bears and other gummy candies.

Marzipan, chocolate and icing was also used into decorating the cake.

One can always use other kind of decorations….. too!

This human shaped cakes can some what be compared to the ginger bread man cookies but unlike the gingerman cookies, my  danish  cake lady was made with buttered bread cake….actually it can also get done like cinnamon rolls too but again it depends on one’s choice.

The cake can be ordered  from a bakery or one can also bake it….but I am the kind of Mamma that prefers to purchase the cakelady from one of my favorite supermarket and bakery….. Kvickly Silkeborg because not only do they do an awsome job with the cake but I also received 20 or more traditional bread rolls that is included in the cake price!

Thank goodness for the bakery because it was not so easy trying to take care of a sick child, running other errands and at the same time prepare other things for my Butterfly’s party.

The proofs is in the pudding and as I could tell, It was a good pudding even though I was exhausted!

At the end of the day my lovely Butterfly have an awsome party 🎉

Woohoo and now I can relax until the next Birthday party seven months from now!

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