10 Top Must Visit Spots in Legoland For Kids

10 Top Must Visit Spots in Legoland For Kids
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legoland view from the top
View from the top

Legoland, located in Billund, is a top tourist destination in Denmark. Here’s a thorough guide including the must visit spots in Legoland, if you’re planning on stopping by Billund for a day.

Billund is a very quiet town that comes alive with the Billund airport, Lalandia and of course, Legoland. If you’re looking for a list of top attractions in the park to bring your kids to, this post is just for you!

Note, these aren’t necessarily in a particular order (I was just compiling everything into one list).

With a bucket of lego, you can tell any story. You can build an airplane or a pirate ship – its whatever you can imagine.

Christopher Miller

After an amazing view from the top with the Lego colourful tower, my girls’ favourite hangout spots at Legoland before and during the Halloween Celebration is the Mini Land.

1. Mini Land

We like admiring the Rema 1000’s storage truck. If you don’t know, the Rema 1000 is one of the most family friendly supermarkets here in Denmark — and basically my all time favourite store.

my favorite must visit spot in legoland: seeing my favorite supermarket truck the Rema 1000

The girls also love the famous places created with Lego bricks. At the Mini Land, you’ll find the Billund airport in bricks and Nyhavn, which is one of the hot spots in Denmark’s capital’s Copenhagen. Overall, you’ll find loads of famous places made into lego at Legoland, so have fun finding the ones you know!

2. Indian Trading Post

must visit spot at legoland: Indian Trading Post, where you can roast some snorbrød!

The Indian Trading Post is a cool place to hang out for a while. The girls rode wooden horses and then sat by the bon-fire and had Denmark famous snorbrød. Snorbrød is basically some flour dough on a stick; you place it over the bonfire until it’s ready to be eaten.

3. Flying Eagle Ride

The next of my must visit spots in Legoland for my girls was the flying eagle ride. Emphasis on “for my girls” because it was okay…but would I try it again? No way, thank you ma’am.

4. Ninjago

Apart from my scary ride on the flying eagle, I did enjoy the rides and activities at Ninjago.

We can never visit Legoland and not stop at Ninjago,

we never visit Legoland without going to the must visit spot: Ninjago!

5. Frog hopper 🐸

The Froghopper is always my youngest’s favourite ride.

6. Lego canoe 🛶

My #2 Angel enjoys her canoe ride with her mate.

7. Lego Safari

a must visit in legoland: the lego safari
Lego Safari

It’s like a zoo, but with life size animals made of Lego! Super cool to look at.

8. Fyrtårnet/lighthouse

The lighthouse is my oldest child’s favourite spot.

9. Viking river splash

You’ll want to bring an extra set of clothes if you plan to go on this ride, but it’s definitely a fun one!

10. Legomine

Legomine is also one of the girls’ must visit spots at Legoland.

the Legomine is a must visit spot at legoland
Gold digging at Legoland

One of the reasons why is that you get to dig for gold and afterwards its melted into a golden medal🏅 necklace.

Top Must-Visit Food Spots in Lego Land

You definitely won’t get bored in Legoland but, after all that action, you’ve got to eat! Here are a few places to enjoy a meal at Legoland.

  1. Starts Burger Kitchen
  2. Hot Dog Company
  3. Italian Pizza and Pasta
  4. Pirate’s Coffee — if you’re just looking for something quick / a cup of coffee
Stars ⭐️ burger kitchen.
you need to visit the food spots in legoland!
Hot dog company
Italian pizza & pasta
Pirate’s Coffee

Gift Shop

On our way home the girls wanted to visit kids wear and why not few merchandise is always good….right ?

a must visit stop for my kids: the legoland gift shop

While that’s the list of my top 10 must visit spots in Legoland, there are so many other amazing attractions too! You’ll find plenty of fun activities you can enjoy with your family at Legoland, depending on your child’s age as well as what they are interested in. And it’s not just for kids: there’s lots that adults can also join in too!

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