Nelly my Beloved 

 Nelly my Beloved 

As an Island Girl owning a pet was not something I found interest in. Neither was it on my bucket list after moving to denmark.

But when you have kids most of your Do’s and Dont’s before you became a Parent/Mum always change like hell ya they do … 😀

One of my “Don’t” was I would never own a Cat and that change like almost a year ago when Nelly was introduced to the family.

She was just an adorable and innocent Kitten and very funny enough the first person she bonded with was me like omg!

Our love was magical and inseparable she was my  fourth daughter and we enjoyed every moment taking photos. Nelly is always goofing around she enjoys being playful and witty.

To this day am in tears and can’t function without her!

I cant stop looking outside and hoping for her to show up or just to give that steer through the glass door that indicates she is ready to get inside.

She was taken from us by a possible hit and run driver or to be honest no one knows how she died because there was not a witness.

I am very grateful that my husband was the one that found her on the side of the street.

Maybe it was a hit and run or hit and help all I can remember is that She and I was sitting in the sofa where she was very pleased for her traditional head massage that I always gave to her

30 minutes after her massage she asked to go outside I opened the door and allow her to go and almost an hour went by I started looking for her and she did not showed up at all.

My husband was on his way to the supermarket I was just enjoying the Company of my daughters  then I heard the door open I was shock to see my husband because he just left the house.

I was even more shock to see what he had in his hand.

It was our beloved Nelly that was laying lifeless in my Husband’s arms I was trembling, nervous, speechless and just could not bring my self to look at her

The girls started crying whilst I tried to be strong but to be honest am still torn apart and mourning the lost of our beloved Nelly!

I just cant bring myself to the fact that she is gone.

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