Top 10 Denmark Foods For Christmas

Top 10 Denmark Foods For Christmas
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If you were to ask my friends what my favourite thing to do is, I’m sure 999999.9% of them would say eating food. 😝 When I first moved to Denmark, I was very nervous about the difference in culture in terms of food. What if I didn’t enjoy the food that Danes enjoy? Little did I know that there would be some Danish dishes I not only think are delicious, but I’d put on my must-taste list! Seeing that’s it’s almost Christmas here in Denmark here’s a list of my top foods to eat at Christmas time in Denmark. These are some Denmark recipes you should definitely try for Christmas.

“Food is everything we are. It’s an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, your personal history, your province, your region, your tribe, your grandma. It’s inseparable from those from the get-go.”

Top Denmark Dessert Foods For Christmas

1. Æbleskiver

These are apple slices, traditionally served with powered sugar on top. It’s one of the most eaten desserts by the Danes during Christmas!

2. Gløgg (mulled wine)

glogg: a great drink for the colder weather

My second favourite is gløgg or mulled wine. You serve this warm with added spices such as raisins and almond pieces, and normally pair it with æbleskiver. This was my very first drink I drank when I attended the danish language school here like years ago.

3. Risengrød (rice porridge)

My 3rd most favourite is risengrød or rice porridge. You prepare rice porridge with a special rice and after it’s cooked, you serve it with a plank of butter and cinnamon mixed sugar.

4. Risalamande

My 4th is Risalamande, a traditional Danish dessert also served at Christmas dinner and julefrokost (Christmas) lunches or parties. You make it from rice pudding mixed with whipped cream, sugar and small pieces of almonds. You can also add a whole almond once in a while, and if you are the one that found the one with the full almond, you get rewarded with a present! 🎁 I was introduced to this dessert at a Christmas party and yasssss did I eat a lot (I mean, who doesn’t want a present?).

Top Denmark Main Courses for Christmas

5. Duck

Duck, lightly seasoned: one of denmark's foods for Christmas

My 5th is the Duck 🦆. I never thought I’d enjoy something that’s only prepared with salt, black pepper, prunes and apples. But yes my tastebuds did acquire such taste (seeing that am an island girl I’m usually used to cooking with a lot of spice). The duck is eaten during Christmas and in November on a special day called Mortenaften = Morten afternoon. I will elaborate on the Morten afternoon/evening in future blog post!

6. Flæskesteg (roast pork)

My 6th favourite, Flæskesteg or roast pork, is one of Denmark’s principal national dishes. I am still mastering my skills on how to get it very tender. It’s a Danish classic so I need to get my Gordon Ramsey game on! Again to make it, you just need to add some expensive sea salt and bay leaves and place it in the oven for 2 hours or so. No fear: the instructions are on the package.

7. Brown potatoes

potatoes are a staple denmark food for christmas. Here's a photo of brown potatoes

My 7th brown potatoes are also one of Denmark’s staple foods for Christmas. This one super easy to prepare; I can do it with my eyes closed because you can just purchase the potatoes in a jar and then just add the butter and sugar to it. And if you think this is complicated, don’t worry you can purchase the brune kartofler (brown potatoes) already prepared, so all you need to do is basically warm them!

8. Red cabbage

My 8th is the red cabbage or rødkål, which is a kind of cabbage, also known as Blaukraut after preparation. Its leaves are colored dark red/purple. This is normally eaten with the roast pork on Christmas Eve here in Denmark. You can either prepare it from scratch or if you are like me, you can basically purchase it, heat it and serve it — it tastes the same. 🙂

9. Danish brown sauce

brown sauce on potatoes: a great food for christmas and everyday as well!

My 9th is the Danish brown sauce or brune sovs or brown sauce is a classic served with boiled potatoes. It’s used not just during Christmas season but all year round. The brown sauce is generally a sauce with a meat stock base, thickened by reduction.

10. Boiled potatoes

My 10th is boiled potatoes because back home in Jamaica, I normally ate my potatoes like a vegetable. But during the Christmas season here in Denmark, I must confess that I look forward to having few boiled potatoes.

So there you have it! Hope this post might inspire you to try a new danish dish. Be sure to check out my other post: 5 hygge and cozy tradition ideas for Christmas.

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