5 Ideas For Celebrating a Cozy (“Hygge”) Christmas with Kids

5 Ideas For Celebrating a Cozy (“Hygge”) Christmas with Kids
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The 1st of December is now rolling in, with each of us yet still brimming with a bit of excitement, anticipation and huge smiles on our faces (despite the masks covering them). While the masks and social distancing somewhat dampened our usual Christmas festivities, there are still so many great ways to celebrate Christmas in 2020 and get into the holiday spirit! Here are some surefire, easy, and budget-friendly ideas for celebrating Christmas with kids cozy (hygge!) style.

Hygge: “The Danish way to live well”

“The little book of Hygge”

Celebrating Christmas with Hygge

Despite the pandemic, I must confess that am super duper mask-excited to unleash the term “hygge” as we welcome December. To be honest, this word is one of the most used in our tradition here in Denmark especially during winter, when it’s so cold to be outside. 🙂 I would hear it pop up during conversations with friends, but now that I am a mom this word has become the second thing to the Lord’s Prayer, especially from my girls. It’s normally goes like: “Mamma can we do something hygge?”

The Origin of “Hygge”

The word hygge as defined from the “The little book of Hygge” with sub title “The Danish way to live well” originates from a Norwegian word meaning well being. For almost five hundred years, Denmark and Norway were one kingdom, until Denmark lost Norway in 1814. Hygge appeared in written Danish for the first time in the early 1800s and the link between Hygge and wellbeing or happiness may be no coincidence.

So how do I hygge to kickstart December and begin the countdown to the famous Juleaften (Christmas Eve here in Denmark)? The 25th here in Denmark is more like a day of rest after the huge feast held on the 24 of December.

Celebrating A Cozy Christmas Tradition Ideas:

Here are 5 great ideas for celebrating Christmas with kids cozy (hygge!) style this year.

1. Decorating the Advent Calendar

Decorating the advent calendar allows us to hygge while a few Danish Christmas carols play in the background. I must admit it’s really cozy (“hyggeligt”) to watch my girls get so excited.

Plus there are no sibling confrontations as they separate the clay and other products to design the advent decorations with.

2. Decorating the Christmas Tree

Our number 2 hygge activity is decorating the Christmas tree which was decorated by my little 6 years old this year by her request.

Her older siblings was surprisingly ok with that; I think they’re hypnotized by hygge lol. To be honest I think my youngest did an awesome job (but hey, she got the skills from her mamma 😂 ).

3. Baking Christmas Cookies

The third hygge activity is baking Christmas cookies. It’s so great because everyone’s involved but with a different task.

My two youngest daughters cut the cookie and place them on the baking sheet whilst my oldest blends the colours for decorating. Then everybody joins in to help and of course it was a cozy/hygge moment.

4. Advent Gifts

Most households here in Denmark count down to juleaften (Christmas Eve) with julekalender (a Christmas calendar). The way some people do it is purchase 24 gifts and pack it themselves into a stocking. But our count down to Christmas Eve is by giving the girls advent gifts. It basically consists of them opening a gift on advent Sundays along with a chocolate and toy calendar of their choice.

5. The Elf moves in

The next best hygge activity I enjoy doing is ensuring that Nisse (the Elf) moves in on the 1st of December. Of course, I’ve got to be creative by ensuring the kiddies go to bed early on the 30th of November. Then I help the elf move in so my 6 year old can wake up excitedly and yell along the hallway, “Mamma come and see the elf has moved in!”:)

On the 30th, before the kids goes bed, they normally place Pebernødder (danish cookies) at the elf’s door. Then when everyone’s asleep, he normally comes out and eats it. With no question asked I’m sure you know who has to eat that cookie/pebernødder. 😉 Haha let’s just say my sleeping routine will be back to normal after Christmas. And I might gain an extra kilo…

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