Hello 40: Celebrating My Birthday 💫✨💫

Hello 40: Celebrating My Birthday 💫✨💫
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One would think that after living in Denmark for quite awhile, I would have mastered all the Danish traditions and culture but “n o p e” I am still learning. The other day I was celebrating my 40th birthday and here in Denmark a round birthday means everything and definitely has to be celebrated.

My classmates ensure that we keep such traditions despite the loads of assignments and exams around the corner.

My 40th birthday actually landed on a bank holiday here in Denmark. As such, the surprise party was on the last day before our class went for holiday.

To be honest I was not expecting a surprise party at all. I did bring a traditional birthday cake to all my classmates though. It is a tradition I was introduced to after moving to Denmark.

If one has a birthday and is working or studying, its traditional to bring a cake or some famous Danish rundstykke.

After we sang the traditional Danish birthday song, it was time to cut the Danish cake or kage kone. I had to cut the head of the cake whilst everyone screams …

Well as one said, it’s never too late to learn and even though I am 40, I am still learning.

It’s always nice to hear the differences in traditions around the world. Let me know how you celebrate birthdays where you are.

Have you ever heard about this tradition before?

Are there special things you do when celebrating a round birthday in your country?

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