Celebrating my little girl’s birthday & motherhood

Celebrating my little girl’s birthday & motherhood
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Five years ago I gave birth to this amazing adorable, adventureous mixed Blessing!

It was snowing like crazy as I can remember.

After  my operation I was unconscious and could not even recognized my feet. I was in so much pain and was as weak as an ant!

I was not even able to hold my daughter without any support!

I was also throwing up like a drunken lady.. I was actually drunk that day but drunk in love!

I heard  alot of mothers said that they would prefer to have a c-sections or cesearean surgery to deliver their baby, but if I had a choice I would run as fast as I could from that surgery but maybe in my dreams lol .. the way my stomach was huge during my pregnancy running was so not an option for me

Am one of those Mum that had horrible effects after my three surgies!

My body was rejecting all of the pain killers, which meant I just had to endure the pains which by no means was good.

Gosh I can still remember as if it was Yesterday!

It was certainly not a Happy experience being pregnant with  pregnancy diabetes and had to inject myself twice a day in the leg and tummy.

I also had to test my blood sugar level six or eight times daily before and after each meals.

I stuck my finger tips so much that recognizing my finger tips was not possible.

Then not being able to walk after my Surgery for almost two months due to complication was also stressful but am so thankful that am alive to celebrate her fifth birthday with her.

Its alway a an honour to put a smile on my adventureous mixed Angel face but I know that there will be days! When I also have to wipe away few tears and hope she can smile despite how she might be feeling!

There is this famous quote that said…….

‘Mothers are the bank where we deposited all our hurts and worries.’

I can remember the very first time, her leg was broken and I would normally help her from one place to the next, she would just look at me and smile.

It was not easy for me as a mother to see my  child in pain or being unable to walk and also knowing that I was not able to fix the situation!

Thank  goodness I was able to be there for her anyhow!

I guess as a Mum, I have to realize that I wont be able to fix everything that happens in my children  life but being there for them in those situations means alot too.

As I reflect on the five years she came into our lives, there has been more smiles than tears!

She does knows how to wind me up at times but she will always be me my baby

She is also a risk taker that is something I truly admires! Because in today’s society one has to take risk to survive!

Being adventureous is also one of her best qualities as well but hey that is one of the reason I know she is mine!

She is always Sunny inside! Eventhough it be raining outside!

My plants were not able to grow in peace without her fingers getting in their way.

I might not have all the luxuries in the world to give her but one thing I will always have to give her is unconditional love!

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