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2 0 1 7 has been a year of wiping tears and shredding them.

It was also a year that helped to ground me in a way I never thought was possible…..

My Mammahood experience were challenged to the next level that I was nervous to embarked in but I did survived with few hiccups here and there.

I’ve gained and regained friendship as well I’ve lost few but that’s life in nut.

As Oprah Winfrey said sometime you have to divorce your friend and family members.

I don’t know and can’t see what 2018 has planned for my family and I but whatever it is I know that someone higher than myself is going to take us through it

I have few personal goals I’d like to achieve and some bad habits I need to throw away …

Apart from that am so great-full for the fact that I am alive and able to start a new year.

I know that am not where I want to be at the moment but am so thankful that I’ve managed to take few steps forward and not backward…..

I also want to thank you my followers for taking the time to read my blog, shared my post-and for liking them.

Thank a lot for starting 2018 with me and my family and We wish you guys where ever you are around the globe 🌍 a prosperous 2018 and also don’t feel sad if you were not able to reach a personal goal in 2017…

You can still do it in 2018 .

Happy 2018 everyone

Ps here is a little anonymous goodie you can take on your 2018 journey with you!

Something special about a woman who overcomes everything that’s meant to destroy her.

Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday.

Let it go.

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